In addition to any statutory rights resulting from the purchase of a new product, all MILWAUKEE branded power tools, outdoor tools and batteries are covered by a voluntary guarantee granted by the manufacturer as stated below. The MILWAUKEE Guarantee(s) are only applicable to purchaser(s) who purchase the products as end users ("Purchaser"). Retailers or rental companies are expressly excluded from any MILWAUKEE Guarantee(s).  

The invocation of this voluntary guarantee does not limit the statutory legal rights of the Purchaser in case of a defect. 

1. The standard guarantee period is 1 year ("Standard Guarantee”) and commences on the date when the product was purchased. This date must be documented by an invoice or other proof of purchase in order for the guarantee to be valid and enforceable. This guarantee applies only on new product(s).

2. There is an option for end users in certain countries to extend the Standard Guarantee for eligible power tool(s), outdoor tool(s) or batteries beyond the Standard Guarantee period by registering on the https://milwaukeetool.eu/ website. The eligibility of products for the extended guarantee is specified on packaging, on the website at https://warranty.milwaukeetool.eu , and/or contained within the relevant product documentation:

    a. The Standard Guarantee period of MILWAUKEE® eligible power tool(s) and outdoor power equipment can be extended from 1 year to a maximum of 3 years (1+2). With the exception of MX FUEL™ tool(s) for which guarantee can be extended from 1 year to a maximum of 2 years (1+1) only.
    b. The Standard Guarantee period of eligible MILWAUKEE® REDLITHIUM™ batteries including MX FUEL™ batteries can be extended to a maximum of 2 years (1+1).
All guarantee extensions are subject to registering online the newly acquired products within 30 days of the purchase date. The extended guarantee for MILWAUKEE® power tool(s), outdoor power equipment and REDLITHIUM™ batteries will only be granted if purchased via an Authorised MILWAUKEE® Distributor as set out on the website at https://milwaukeetool.eu/support/store-locator/ .

An eligible product can be registered for the extended guarantee if listed on the online registration form where this option is valid. All personal information of an end user will be processed in accordance with the privacy statement, which can be found here https://uk.milwaukeetool.eu/footer/privacy-policy/. The registration confirmation receipt, which is sent out by e-mail, and the original invoice showing the date of purchase will serve as proof of the extended guarantee. 

3. All MILWAUKEE guarantee(s) are limited to repair and/or replacement of the defective product provided that the defect in workmanship or material existed at the date of purchase. No further costs or losses can be claimed.

In addition, the guarantee(s) do not apply to:

  • trade or hire purposes
  • any damage to the product that is the result of improper maintenance
  • any product that has been altered or modified
  • any product where original identification (trade mark, serial number) markings have been defaced, altered or removed
  • any damage caused by non-observance of the instruction manual
  • any non CE/UKCA product
  • any product which has been attempted to be repaired by a non-qualified professional or without prior authorisation by us
  • any product connected to improper power supply (amps, voltage, frequency)
  • any damage caused by external influences (water, chemical, physical, shocks) or foreign substances
  • normal wear and tear of spare parts
  • inappropriate use, overloading of the tool
  • use of non-approved accessories or parts
  • power tool accessories provided with the tool or purchased separately. Such exclusions including but not limited to screw driver bits, drill bits, abrasive discs, sand paper and blades, lateral guide
  • components (parts and accessories) subject to natural wear and tear, including but not limited to service & maintenance kits, carbon brushes, bearings, chuck, SDS drill bit attachment or reception, power cord, auxiliary handle, transport carry case, sanding plate, dust bag, dust exhaust tube, felt washers, impact wrench pins & springs, etc.

  • 4. For guarantee servicing, the product must be sent or presented to a MILWAUKEE® authorised service center(s) as listed on the website at https://milwaukeetool.eu/header/service/find-a-service-center/ . In some countries certain Authorised MILWAUKEE® Distributors undertake to send the product to the MILWAUKEE® service center(s).  

    Purchaser can request the guarantee servicing by
      a. contacting the retailer where the purchase was made; 
      b. contacting an Authorised MILWAUKEE® Distributor if available as listed on the website at https://milwaukeetool.eu/support/store-locator/; or
      c. registering via the E-service platform https://eservice.milwaukeetool.eu .

    When sending a product to a MILWAUKEE® service center, the product shall be safely packed (please see the safety instructions on the website at https://milwaukeetool.eu/service/ without any dangerous contents, marked with sender’s address and accompanied by a short description of the fault. We recommend the use of eservice driving you through the steps with all the necessary information for a quick service, https://eservice.milwaukeetool.eu/.

    5. The guarantee servicing is provided in such way that defective parts of the products are repaired or replaced by non-defective parts at our discretion. If we refuse to remedy the defect or if, at our discretion, the remedy has failed, an equivalent replacement will be supplied. The replaced product(s) or part(s) become our property. Any repair/replacement under the guarantee(s) above are free of charge. This does not constitute an extension or a new start of the guarantee period. In some countries delivery charges or postage will have to be paid by the sender. The guarantee period including any extended guarantee period under these guarantee conditions for replaced spare parts ends with the guarantee period for the entire product, which was first subject to the Standard Guarantee. 

    6. The MILWAUKEE Guarantee(s) are granted by Techtronic Industries GmbH, Max-Eyth-Str.10, 71364 Winnenden, Germany, to the original Purchaser only and may not be transferred or assigned.

    7. The MILWAUKEE Guarantee(s) are valid in the European Economical Areas (EEA), Switzerland, and United Kingdom. Outside these areas, please contact the retailer where the purchase was made to find out if another guarantee applies. These conditions shall be governed by German law to the exclusion of the rules of the UN-Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (“CISG”).