Your personal account can be used to register the tools you own, and to request repair online. This account grants you simplified contact with our teams and ongoing repair tracking.

Before continuing, please fill this subscription form.

Your identifier will be your email address, and your password will be the one of your choice.

You will automatically receive a confirmation mail after the subscription form is completed. You will need to click on the link in this mail in order to finalize your subscription.

If you need help in case of missing e-mail click here.

You will receive a certificate for each tool you register on this website.

Tools can only be registered once your personal account is created.

Before starting the registration process please ensure you have the following in front of you.
Please note: if you purchased a multiple tool kit, each tool within the kit is required to be registered separately.

  • Please ensure you attach the correct and valid Proof of Purchase for the tool that you are requesting to be repaired under warranty. Failure to do so will result in a delay with the repair or the tool being returned unrepaired.
    Note: No other document, including a warranty extension certificate, is accepted as proof of the product being within the warranty period.
  • The rating plate attached to the product contains information required for the registration process.

It is recommended that you electronically link your receipt (proof Of purchase) to the registration. This will support a paperless process and ensure that your proof of purchase is always available.